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Write & Improve +Class View and +Test Zone are subscription products offering specific support for teachers and specialised exam practice


To support teachers

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+Class View

For exam practice

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+Test Zone

+Class View

is designed to support teachers in the classroom, creating lessons, setting homework and encouraging individual study. It provides progress and activity reports for tasks, individual learners and whole classes so that teachers can keep track of every learner’s progress and make sure their needs are met.

Watch your learners’ progress and assess their needs as they write and improve!

  1. Create a task in your workbook
  2. Invite your learners to do it
  3. See each learner’s progress
  4. Get task, learner and class reports
  5. Watch as your learners write and improve!

Write & Improve +Class View accommodates any class size. You pay by the month and the bigger your class, the cheaper it is per student. Talk to us about large or multiple class subscriptions.

Coming shortly – institutional support – with management features for staff and organisations.

+Class View


+Test Zone

is the best way to practise your English writing as you prepare for your exams. Just subscribe, choose a task and start writing.

Submit your work and Write & Improve will award you a score on the scale used in your exam, so you can see your progress. It will check your spelling, vocabulary and grammar in seconds and suggest ways to improve your writing. Currently we offer IELTS Academic, IELTS General Training and Cambridge First (FCE).

A Write & Improve +Test Zone subscription provides a wide range of exam tasks that are just like those you will see in your real exam. Know what to expect and feel more confident on the big day.

You can create your own IELTS exam prompts with the required graphics to add to our library of 142 exam tasks.

+Test Zone


Subscriptions to Write & Improve +Test Zone are monthly. Watch out for special offers!