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What we do

ELiT exploits advances in computational linguistics and machine learning, with patented technology, to provide a range of tools to support learners of English. We matched the academic research and application of the technical know-how with a pedagogical approach to providing practice and feedback for EFL learners. Overlaid with an intuitive, engaging and easily interpretable user interface developed by specialists, the vision is the creation of a range of tools that can democratise the learning of English.


See our founder, Professor Ted Briscoe, talk about his work on YouTube: The use of Lexical Resources in Cambridge English Write & Improve.

Our passion

Our passion is to give access and support to individual learners for whom better English could be the breakthrough that leads to a better job or the chance for further education. We want to harness the power of technology to deliver robust automated assessment and nuanced feedback to support teachers in the classroom setting as well as the self-study learners on any device, far removed from any educational institution.

Through a combination of motivational support, explanation and encouragement, we can help a learner to explore their own capabilities and develop their skill, whilst replacing some of the more routine tasks a teacher faces, like repeatedly marking the same errors across multiple scripts, thus reducing their risk of falling into boredom, bias and burnout, and enabling them to focus on the targetted personalised support only they can provide.

Our work

ELiT has already launched Write & Improve. Work is underway on a beta data-gathering version of Read & Improve, with plans to apply the same rigour and technological approach to the other skills, too.

The free online tool for Write & Improve is complemented by specific premium products to focus on exam support or to work in the classroom.

An API is available and has been incorporated to deliver the power of the automated assessment engine into other products.

Find out more about the research and development pedigree of the tool.