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Delivering Integrated Language Learning Assessment

Write & Improve offers an instantly available practice tool that can be accessed by anyone with any device – mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop.  A connection to the internet gives fast feedback on writing and support to improve.

Go one step further and our Write & Improve+ range of products offers enhanced functionality supporting teachers and tackling specific exams.

However, you might already have your own platform or have devised your own tools where you would benefit from the integration of an automated assessment tool.


The API Product


  • Gives real-time results – 15 second response time

  • Returns an overall score on the submitted writing within the appropriate marking framework

  • Assesses the answer for prompt relevance and returns a score

  • Gives sentence-level feedback

  • Reports word-level feedback

  • Is founded on years of research into pedagogically-sound language teaching and assessment

Video Demonstration

Watch tech founder Professor Ted Briscoe talk about the R&D journey in The use of Lexical Resources in Cambridge English Write & Improve

What Write & Improve doesn’t do:

  • It’s not a grammar and spell checker

  • It’s not for English L1s

  • It won’t give you all the answers

See it in action

See Write & Improve in action or watch a video demonstration


Whatever your requirement, the API has been designed for easy integration.

Whether you are already using an LMS and want to incorporate it or you are creating a new product, you can plumb the API straight in.


  • Interfaces with all types of code

  • Meets RESTful standard

  • Gives performance guarantees and reliability

  • Excellent uptime with high availability

  • Automatic scaling


Pricing reflects functionality, performance and support requirements to meet your needs.

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