Next steps for English language learners – try Read & Improve!

There have been new developments for the latest & Improve English language learning tools this month, April 2019.

Write & Improve and Speak & Improve are already available to support English language learners all over the world.  Now the team behind Write & Improve are working to help learners improve their reading skills.

Read & Improve was demonstrated at the latest ALTA Institute seminar in Cambridege on 18th April, ahead of the launch of the beta research version in May 2019.  Dr Ekaterina Kochmar of the Computer Laboratory at Cambridge University and the ALTA Institute gave a talk on the progress on readability assessment, and presented the beta version of the Read & Improve platform.  This is designed to help language learners find reading material at the appropriate level of readability and to demonstrate their ability to understand that material.

There was a demonstration of the platform and its functionality ahead of the launch of the beta tool on 1st May 2019.

You can try Read & Improve for free and contribute to the research project.

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