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The Cambridge Multiple-Choice Questions Reading Dataset

Paper: The Cambridge Multiple-Choice Questions Reading Dataset 

Description: The Cambridge Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQ) Reading Dataset is a comprehensive dataset that consists of test-taker responses to 4-option multiple-choice reading comprehension tasks, segmented by varying proficiency levels. 

The dataset consists of 120 4-option MCQ multi-item reading tasks. Almost half the tasks (58 in total) target Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) B2 proficiency level, with the full set ranging between CEFR B1 and C2 level.   

In multiple-choice tasks, the facility and discrimination values at the option level offer valuable insights. In this dataset, 78 out of 120 tasks include option-level values, which indicate how well an item is performing overall and pinpoint specific areas within the item that may be causing under-performance. 

Publication date: 2023

Keywords: Cambridge University Press & Assessment, Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, CEFR, Reading comprehension, multiple-choice 

Authors and Contributors: Cambridge University Press & Assessment (2023) The Cambridge Multiple-Choice Questions Reading Dataset. See dataset release paper for contributors.

Citing this paper:  Mullooly, A., Øistein, A., Benedetto, L., Buttery, P., Caines, A., Gales, M. J. F., Karatay, Y., Knill, K., Liusie, A., Raina, V., & Taslimipoor, S. (2023). The Cambridge multiple-choice questions reading dataset. Cambridge University Press & Assessment.

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